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Today, everyone is inundated with an abundance of information from numerous sources which needs to be handled. Data is a continuously moving and expanding ”living organism” that requires care, assessment and ongoing optimization. Business Information Management focuses on the use of technology to store and manage business data for the overall advancement of an organization. It is an a important tool for executives to gain deep visibility into the businesses, efficiently manage operations and make data-driven decisions. It has become an essential practice in today’s digital age. B·I·M is an effective way to bring efficiency to your business and also to personal life.

Work Process

Before we start


Data Privacy

We take data security seriously. Your data will only be used for the purposes we agree on, and it will be kept safe.


Data Collection

We look closely at how you handle data, what you track, and where there might be gaps. We also check the tools you use for efficiency. This helps us understand your data setup and plan our work accordingly.



Having collected the data, we're all set to start our data journey. We'll create a customized plan and offer designed just for you. Let's begin our journey toward data-driven success together.


Business Inteligence

Data Mining & Management

Unlock the hidden potential within your data. Our experts skillfully extract valuable insights from your data while ensuring its accuracy, security, and up-to-dateness. Data is more than just information; it's the key to informed decision-making and future success.

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Analysis & Strategic planning

Transform raw data into actionable insights. Our analytical prowess enables us to decode complex datasets, empowering you to make well-informed decisions. With these insights, we craft strategic plans that drive your organization forward with confidence.

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Data Visualization & Reporting

Bring your data to life with compelling visualizations that tell a story. We design clear, impactful visual representations of your data, customized to your business needs. With our reports, you'll have the tools to make data-driven decisions and share insights effortlessly.

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Automation of processes

Streamline your operations and save time with automated routines. We eliminate manual tasks, from report generation to data handling, so you and your team can focus on what truly matters. Say goodbye to repetitive work and hello to increased efficiency.

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Who Can Benefit?

Business Intelligence with B·I·M

Business Owners

Business Intelligence is the guiding star for owners of businesses of all sizes and sectors. It empowers them to make data-driven decisions, enhance efficiency, and achieve growth.

Property Managers

For property owners and operators, BI is essential to manage building finances, documents, energy consumption, and bookings effectively, whether for short or long-term rentals.


Developers use BI to effortlessly track detailed building information and material usage, streamlining their operations.

Startups & projects

Startups and projects benefit from BI by analyzing data for business plans, feasibility studies, and milestone monitoring, aiding in securing financing.


Investors, whether in digital or physical assets, leverage BI for informed decision-making, maximizing their investments and portfolio management.


Individuals can take control of their personal data and gain a comprehensive overview of their lives using BI, including social, financial, health, and lifestyle data.

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Benefits with B·I·M

· We treat each client individually, customizing our solutions to meet your unique needs.
· Whether you're seeking long-term partnerships or one-time services, we're adaptable to your requirements.
· We specialize in high-quality measurement, storage, evaluation, prediction, and data flow automation.
· B-I-M helps you harness the power of data, providing the insights and efficiency needed to stay ahead in a fast-paced world.
· By automating data processes, we free up your valuable time for more strategic activities.
· We focus on producing the $``numbers``$ that drive your business forward and help you achieve your goals.


All-in-One Data Repository

Access current data from all sources in one unified platform.


Immediate Data Availability.

Enjoy data availability anytime and anywhere, whether on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.


Data Workflow Automation

Data flow automation for enhanced efficiency


Effortless Report Sharing

Easily distribute reports to stakeholders and colleagues.


Time Savings and Simplified Reporting

Simplify reporting to make better decisions in less time.


Continuous KPI Monitoring

Gain insights through ongoing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking.